Originally from Ireland,

I’ve been living in Sicily for ten years with my family. Here I have found a way to bring together my passion for music and words. Friends at home think I’m living the dream, but raising two small children abroad and trying to find my way inevitably has ups and downs. You’re welcome to read on and decide for yourself!

I was a student in Bristol

during the trip-hop apogee and that’s how I got involved in the making of the album Bloom with Bristol band Crustation.

Studying for a Masters in Anglo-Irish Literature at University College Dublin gifted me with an entire year to make sense of Ireland’s rich canon of literature. It also served as a starting point to take my own writing seriously.

Thanks to a classical training in piano and cello,

I followed Bloom with several different musical projects across Europe. These days I’m involved in electroacoustic collaborations in Italy, France and the US.

I also play the cello with Sicilian folk bands. Between Two Islands is my cello and vocals project.

Having spent over half my life abroad, from travels across South America and West Africa to bases in different European cities, I have reached this conclusion: nowhere has been as challenging and full of contrast as Sicily.

When I’m not writing music or books, you can find me teaching languages, in nature on the yoga mat, or with my kids by the sea…

Sicily inspires me on a daily basis.

Finding my way

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Ciao Bronagh, sono felice di sapere che sei ancora in Italia. La Sicilia è una terra bnellissima ed i siciliani sono gente di cuore ma difficile, come pure i toscani sai! Io sono fortunato perchè la mia compagna è siciliana ed è una persona fantastica. Spero un giorno ci si possa rivedere, magari veniamo a mangiare qualcosa nel tuo ristorante.

    Massimo, Arezzo.
    (Accademia Britannica, qualche anno fa…)

    • Massimo!!!!!!! Ma dai, pure tu con la partner siciliana. D’accordissimo, i siciliani sono speciali – come voi toscani 😉 Da dove? Mi farebbe veramente piacere ospitarvi a Pachamama un giorno. Come va l’inglese?! Per fortuna, torniamo ogni tanto ad Arezzo per lavoro – sempre magica. Un abbraccio, Bronagh

      • Lei è di Capo d’Orlando e quando ritorniamo in Sicilia veniamo a trovarti sicuramente. L’inglese è sempre più tecnico, ovvero quello che mi serve per il lavoro, la comprensione è buona ma sono carente sul dialogo perché purtroppo non lo pratico molto. Ci vediamo presto, baci dalla Toscana.

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