Slevin’s songwriting career began in the kitchen at the Coach House, Portishead’s recording studio in Bristol. You can hear cups of tea being poured on some of the original tracks. An album was grafted, little by little, unexpectedly. Slevin scribbled song lyrics on the back of Spanish and French essays and watched the Wild Bunch become Massive Attack, and Portishead and Tricky fight over the bassline of “Glorybox” and “Hell is round the corner”. She was a student at Seville university when the record companies came hunting, hungry for their piece of Bristol Sound. Bloom was released in 1998 to wide critical acclaim and now, almost twenty years on, is still considered a “Trip-hop masterpiece”.

Its first single, Purple was included on many compilations, such as She: a Female Trip-hop Experience, Heavenly Grooves and Ibiza Chill (Ministry of Sound), among others. “Purple” was a big hit in France and has been used on TV adverts and MTV productions. It was remixed by A Tribe Called Quest (Ummah remix) and by French Band, Air (Femme d’Argent remix).

The second single, Flame, was released with several dance remixes. One of these, the Mood ll Swing Borderline Insanity remix, was big in clubs.

Since Bloom times, Slevin has collaborated as songwriter with Up, Bustle & Out and Los Ladrones, and musicians in Brazil. She is currently working with producers on several projects in Italy, France, Germany and the US.

My Flight, with French artist Distances, was released last year on Décamper, a cd-book initiative where artists, writers and musicians give voice to refugees, from Lampedusa to Calais, and beyond. Pearl of the Sea was also a late summer release last year with Sicilian duo, Aura.

As cellist and singersongwriter, Slevin is the fifth element of Sicilian folk band Disorient Express.

6 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hi, Im from brazil(Fiquei curioso em ler que você trabalha com alguns músicos brasileiros)

    I have to say, the songs your written/sing in Bloom are the most amazing things that i ever heard, especially Purple, everyday before sleep i put to play.. Its gives me so many emotions and thoughts .. Its so peaceful.



    • Markus … muito obrigada de ouvir as cancoes que eu tenho feito com Crustation. Sabe, Purple e Down Down sao as minhas preferidas. Down Down è especial. Espero voce pode ler os meus livros tambem. Um abraço, Bronagh

      • Bloom “still considered a Trip-hop masterpiece” ? It’s a masterpiece of any genre and the singer has something to do with it. How I wish Crustation had lived on…

        Anyway, glad I ended up on your page; I’ll be checking out what you’ve done since those good old days.

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