Happy to announce that my collaboration with French artist/producer Vincent Robischung is now available on Bandcamp as Distances. Here you can listen to the original version of White Night, My Flight, Protection and After Rain.

This is the original version of WHITE NIGHT. To me this is a silvery (la femme d’argent) upbeat Chemical Brothers inspiration that will have you dancing, if not singing along…

You can also listen to the three other tracks of our project on the link: My Flight with its beautiful hang drum which is what enticed me in the first place to work with Vincent, Protection and possibly my favourite, After Rain with its lush piano chords.

From the French label:

White Night is the result of a collaboration between Bronagh Slevin (Sicily) who writes and sings and Vincent Robischung (France) who composes the music.

These 2 artists never met but it was by exchanging via the internet that these songs were born.

Thus the Distances project finds the perfect balance between the soft and light voice of Bronagh and the electro-acoustic music sometimes powerful or planing of Vincent.