MONTECASTRO STREET, where three people work out their route to personal freedom, takes the reader on an evocative journey to the heart of Sicily.

When Agata’s jealous, volcanic husband returns from war to discover that his wife is now financially independent, she must overcome her fear of being abandoned in order to protect her children and become author of her fate.

Summer 1978: Quirky outsider Vincenzo, aged 16, hasn’t spoken to his alcoholic father since witnessing his beautiful mother’s murder four years ago. He dreams of leaving the town where outdated codes of practice still rule, but he doesn’t have the right contacts. When gutsy Rosa from Boston shows up on Montecastro street with the mystery of her Sicilian grandmother’s inheritance, they impact on each other’s lives in unforeseen and irrevocable ways. But it isn’t until Vincenzo introduces Rosa to his neighbour Agata, now 60, that long-protected family secrets are finally revealed – because in Sicily nothing is ever as it seems.


Water Will Find its Way, is self-published on Amazon:

A little girl glimpses tango dancing in a brothel and decides tango will be her ticket out of there. An orphan seamstress is lured away from the ghetto by a charming French soldier. And a mother struggles to overcome a legacy of shame that began the night she fled from the massacres in her city…

Seville, 1950: Many years after reunion with the daughter she abandoned, Nairi finally breaks the silence about her past. Sevan discovers her sister Catarina, the bewitching tango dancer, whose attempts to escape from slavery in Buenos Aires’ decadent underworld still reverberate in Nairi’s life now. And Sevan reveals how a French soldier’s empty promises led her to reinvent herself in Seville during her search for her mother.

Like the Spanish river that winds through the story, Slevin deftly weaves a swirling, multi-layered narrative that begs you to understand how changing fortunes can make people do things they find unsavoury. Heartrending and uplifting by turns, the journey takes us from Armenia 1915 to glamorous 1930s Beirut and Buenos Aires.

Water Will Find its Way is a compelling exploration of family bonds and identity within a family displaced by war. It tells of the importance of saving from oblivion, with music as the redemptive link to three women’s quest to recover their origins.Water Will Find its Way

Amazon UK “A substantial achievement” – Dr Kathleen Hinds.
Amazon USA
Booklover review “I was swept away by Bronagh Slevin’s Water Will Find Its Way. This novel is immensely compelling reading – from overwhelming sadness a stirring sense of hope is borne.”

A Bookish Affair review “This is a great, albeit, heartbreaking story that will appeal to historical fiction lovers and those that love multi-generational stories.”







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