Breaking the Waves

I wrote Breaking the Waves with American producer Storm Craver two years ago, but its release now is timely – for me, somehow it captures the postlockdown mood perfectly.

Breaking the Waves – the new single from the eponymous EP – out NOW on all online platforms

Breaking the Waves

Eyes half-crazed, World is ablaze

Slide down walls to loosen confines

Inescapable the way he craves

Back from unadulterated night

Fingertips trace questions on skin

Eyes half crazed, world is ablaze

Bask in the fascinating grace of it.

Answers get caught in a throat

Unforgettable the way she takes

Wake to long lost song-ache

A way to maddening beauty

Eyes half-crazed, world is ablaze

Spring tide at dawn

An appropriate way to be damned

Do they give a damn?

Drowning in it they’re saved

In an abundance of blue luxuriate

Over truth outpouring

Eyes half-crazed, world is ablaze

Waves and waves break and break